A Lion’s Legacy

 no comments  September 1, 2009 |

KENNEDY_MINI_FINALEdward Kennedy was not a perfect man.

In fact, Ted Kennedy was at times a deeply flawed man.

But in the days since his passing, we have been reminded of what it means to be an absolved man. One whose greater legacy outlives the mistakes that he sought so dearly to overcome.

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The I in Blog

 3 comments  September 1, 2009 |

I_BLOGGR_MINI_3Janet is: thinking about her audience.

It’s the social epidemic you haven’t heard about: reckless proliferation and abandonment of blogs. Unlike the other bad ideas you’ve had, the blog is a digital capsule incapable of being tied to concrete sleepers and pitched off a bridge. An estimated 95 percent of blogs are abandoned in the first 120 days of operation, leaving host networks to clean up the littered blogosphere, and many more to wonder where monsoon season went, otherwise parched of thoughts.

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Evolving Beyond Race in the 21st Century

 1 comment  September 1, 2009 |

RON_3Some days, I wonder if I’m living in the sixties, even though I was born in the seventies. It seems that our modern day world is still attached to the conditioned thinking of the past. While humanity has evolved technologically and otherwise, we still seem to hold on to things that hinder our true potential as human beings. In 2009, America elected President Barack Obama. Many foolishly believed that America had evolved beyond its dark history, yet the problems of our past still persist.

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