August 2008 | An informal gathering of local artists, writers and academics assembles in Denver, Colorado to simply talk and discuss what some might consider to be highly combustible topics. With a shared notion that something is denied in each of the attendees daily lives, the aim of the first meeting is to provide a respectful and shared space in which the value of communal listening is placed above defensive debate. Word of the gathering spreads in the initial weeks after its inception.

December 2008 | A second meeting takes place with nearly double the attendance of the first. The group digs deeper on this occasion and begins dreaming out loud as to the possibilities of expanding the reach of the invite-only sessions. The attendees agree to call themselves The Truth&Rights Collective, a name that pays homage to the search and discursive nature of both the word "truth" and "rights."

January 2009 | Truth&Rights founders Nicholas MH and Jennifer Bridge attend a sold-out State Radio show in Boulder, Colorado and literally run into Tim Zappe who, in the months ahead, will become the driving force behind the group's web endeavors.

February 2009 | The Collective, being mostly comprised of writers, decides to take the initial steps of launching a publication that will capture the spirit of the initial gatherings, while also attempting to set a new archetype for what unpolarized journalism can become. During this time, a renowned designer and turntablist by the name of Sean Herman is commissioned to create a marker for the group that will become synonymous with their public dealings. Sean creates a chess pawn, a move that elates The Collective as it had already been floated internally as a subtle, yet symbolic representation of the Collective's intentions.

May 2009 | Truth&Rights hosts it's first publicized and open Symposium on the eve of the inaugural release of their publication, The Truth&Rights Volume. Over the course of a Sunday afternoon, 300 guests walk through the doors of The Walnut Room to experience an event whose sole focus is to create new dialogues through engaging and independent music, film, art and respectful debate.

June 2009 | The Truth&Rights VOL2009.01 and RootSpeak both launch online at The quarterly Volume is praised by the editors of several large publications for its heady content and design sensibilities. RootSpeak goes on to serve as a daily blog in which immediate inspiration can be delivered to The Volume's growing audience.

September 2009 | Truth&Rights VOL2009.02 releases and takes the evolution of the publication one step further, with interviews from the likes of Jeff Sharlet, Black President, Afghan Raiders and Brian Bowman. The edition continues its initial footsteps of providing insightful commentary from Truth&Rights' core group of senior contributors.

November 2009 | The Collective unanimously decides to postpone its third quarterly release in the hopes of moving the publication to a more community-based and frequent release. Realizing the impact of the initial Truth&Rights gatherings, the decision is made to open up the creative process to the entire readership as feedback and input is solicited and gathered for the newest incarnation of the The Truth&Rights Volume, to be released in 2010.

Future | In the whole scheme of things, it's probably no secret that we have a far better idea of what we don't want to be instead of what we do. But we've always known there were other people like us who were sick of the ways in which there wasn't a home for innovative thought, art and new emotional terrain to take root and blossom. So now the mission is simple... It comes down to transparency and understanding. We want you to learn who and what The Truth&Rights Collective is, and even if you're miles away, we want you to feel as though you're sitting here in the room with us, helping us refine, and re-imagine what a grassroots publication can look like. Join the Conversation.