The Truth&Rights Volume finds its roots in the extensions of inspired and independent thought.

Our aim has always been to create a place where unpublished wordsmiths and artists are not only sought after, but also heralded for their creativity.

We are a place where the AP-style book does not dictate, and in re-launching The Truth&Rights Volume, we are conducting a massive experiment in the art of new-media journalism.


We have built our publication on 2,000-6,000 word essays, subject profiles and extended commentaries on the search for both truth and rights in the worlds of artistic, social and political thought. Past features have included interviews with such diverse figures as New York Times Best-Selling author Jeff Sharlet, musician Sage Francis and filmmakers Destroy Rock Music Inc.,as well as personal narratives from our writers.

In this process of re-launching The Truth&Rights Volume, we’re also brainstorming and asking for feedback in the following to-be-named areas:


Well-researched, creative, and original content is our deal. Although we are a community-based, open-source publication… We only publish the best-of-the-best and our aim is to launch the careers of active writers, illustrators, photographers and filmmakers.

As stated in our founding Manifesto, The Truth&Rights Collective maintains no corporate, religious or political party affiliation.


Still have questions about submissions and our writers’ guidelines? Contact Nicholas MH.

We are also still looking for other numerous other roles. Stay tuned as we will publicly post these here.

Be patient. We respond to all received submissions.


We accept a wide array of content:

  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Film

For consideration, send us a creative brief outlining your story or conceptual idea, with a clear description of your arc, sources, and any other peripheral information that addresses why your work should find a home in The Volume.

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