Tell us what you think it is, whether or not you have ever used it, and in what context you let it fly.

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Sure, we all bust our asses to do what we have to do… And some of us bust our asses to do what we love to do. We want you to name your passion and to which category it falls: The Have to or Want to.

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We know you’re here and that you’re reading them thanks to the modern marvels of Google analytics.
But the questions have fallen silent lately and we want to know what gives… Are you scurrrred?

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A Confederacy of Dunces? Steinbeck’s East of Eden? Infinite Jest? Shaffer and Barrows The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society? Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut? Or something far more obscure?

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Partisan statements aside, either this whole thing has been brilliantly scripted, or it is a sad day for a candidate like Donn James in Tennessee. Are you as dumbfounded as we are by the following clip ?

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Our marker is more than just a logo… That’s perhaps why we use it so sparingly. What does the pawn intone to you and would you prefer us to use is more or less in defining our mission?

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We’re building out content every day but we’d love to know what it was about The Volume that you enjoyed most. The new version of RootSpeak will build on these areas while also unveiling a slew of new features and media showcases.

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Example: John Mayer. Certainly not in the vain of indie-artists that we typically showcase, but a damn fine guitar player and songwriter in certain individual’s eyes none-the-less. To that point, Mayer has held company with the likes of Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and Paul Simon; a younger-than-most virtuoso whose contributions to the pop and new-school blues worlds are hard to deny.

But this guy is also prone to embarrassing outbursts… Much like the Playboy interview from this past week (we really do read it for the articles) in which he waxed fantastically unpoetic about race relations and past girlfriends.

So for you Mayer lovers (or detractors) out there, how do you reconcile his music with his distracting and contradictory public front?

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We know this question has a million answers, which makes it all the more essential that we leave it rather open-ended.

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How do you feel about our role as caretakers of the things that we see around us? Far beyond the climate change debate, as the ruling species of this planet, what responsibilities have been handed to us and how do we transcend from being manipulators and users of these gifts to true stewards and protectors?

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Will it be one dismantling the roots of political ineptitude, mental oppression or perhaps something far greater? Is there something in the air that you can’t quite yet explain… Something indicating on a very basic, emotional level, that the tides are changing?

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The artist who was behind Obama’s iconic Hope posters is now challenging the President to live up to his promises from the campaign trail.

At, Shepard Fairey recently said:

“The escalation in Afghanistan, the weak health care reform, detainee abuse not being shared with the public… on a number of issues I’m very disappointed in Obama. I hate being in a position where I’ll either be characterized as having “turned” on Obama for speaking out, or for being a “brainwashed cheerleader” if I give him more time to get it together. The last thing I want is to do is de facto strengthen the Republican’s position by attacking Obama, but I think he needs to be pushed. I don’t think Obama is a bad human being, I just think he is not being brave enough. In some regards I think Obama is just the messenger, letting us know he’s caved in to corporate and political forces we have all done too little to keep in check. I must qualify that by saying SOME people like Robert Greenwald and his Brave New Films team and have certainly done their part to make righteous efforts. I’m disillusioned with the whole two party system. I’m baffled by some of Obama’s moves and many of the Democratic party’s moves. I’m confident that only campaign finance reform and vigorous participation from citizens, not corporations will change things for the better. Let’s all turn our dissatisfaction into positive action… talk-action=0…”

What are thoughts on both Fairey’s comments and our President’s agenda that seems to have everyone on both sides of the aisle just a little bit baffled.

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At the most fundamental core of a capitalist free-market society, do we have a moral obligation to ensure that those who are ailing are served by the greater good? And yes, I’m sure we’ll have a slew of folks that nod their heads in unison. But who dares to take the flip side to that coin… Anyone?

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The new RootSpeak is going to be full of the things. But first, we’re searching the web (and our reader’s minds) to see where we can up the ante…

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And was it even because you were at home? Where do you go to simply be you, amongst the people, places or ideas you love?

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