Example: John Mayer. Certainly not in the vain of indie-artists that we typically showcase, but a damn fine guitar player and songwriter in certain individual’s eyes none-the-less. To that point, Mayer has held company with the likes of Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and Paul Simon; a younger-than-most virtuoso whose contributions to the pop and new-school blues worlds are hard to deny.

But this guy is also prone to embarrassing outbursts… Much like the Playboy interview from this past week (we really do read it for the articles) in which he waxed fantastically unpoetic about race relations and past girlfriends.

So for you Mayer lovers (or detractors) out there, how do you reconcile his music with his distracting and contradictory public front?

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Elicia says:

yeah he also screwed over Jennifer Aniston and then aired her dirty lanurdy in public maybe 1 reason why you dont like him

Medaiyese says:

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