The new RootSpeak is going to be full of the things. But first, we’re searching the web (and our reader’s minds) to see where we can up the ante…

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tim says:

Dan stole my thunder, but I agree that my favorite is Improv Everywhere:

nicholas says:

I feel somewhat behind the curve in catching on to Rainn Wilson’s http://www.soulpancake.com

It’s a nice thing to know that we’re not alone… Especially in light of this creative building process for T&R.

Joe says:

My opinion is clear; sorry you didn’t catch it.I’m a fan of the show and the actor, and fdniing out that he is Baha’i is interesting to me. He has some good things to say about growing up Baha’i and what it means to him. I have met a number of members of the Baha’i and find them to be (generally) open-minded people who share some of my values. Comments that express opinions are more valuable than ones that simply criticize. Good spelling and grammar are nice, too.

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