And was it even because you were at home? Where do you go to simply be you, amongst the people, places or ideas you love?

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dan says:

i feel home every time the clock hits 2:00 am and i’m half into a beautiful design, and i know that i won’t sleep until 4 in the morning, but i can’t go to bed because i know this design is going to get done, and i’m going to be immensely happy with it. it’s a golden hour, that 2:00 am.

jaime says:

Next to the naked and raw vulnerability of another human being. I exert such great and vast efforts thwarting the exposure of my own vulnerabilities, so when someone offers or reveals theirs to me I hold the deepest respect for the delicacy and frailty of that gift. That’s when I am truly home, truly connected, as vigilant guardian and keeper of those precious gifts.

champIAN says:

in the van at 11 am heading to the next town

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