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The Vision of Raphael Aupy

April 6, 2010

From the Red Onecamera of Raphael Aupy, comes perhaps what is some of the most beautiful skate footage we’ve ever seen. If you’re wondering what Brian Wilson-esque track is playing in the background, it’s the Icelandic Bardi Johannson and his project Bang Gang. Should you feel so inclined, download the song “It’s Alright,” for free, at betterPropaganda.com. Also make sure sure to click the HD button to watch the pristine version of the clip on Aupy’s Vimeo page.

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Aloe Blacc’s “I Need a Dollar”

April 2, 2010

For anyone that has laid their eyes upon HBO’s latest flagship series, How to Make it in America, the accompanying senses have been treated to the soul-stylings of one Mr. Aloe Blacc, a multi-versed purveyor of jazz, hip-hop and new-school flavors, and his track, “I Need a Dollar,” featured in the series’ opening title sequence.

In what is becoming a standard narrative arc in many Mark Wahlberg’s produced series, life continues to imitate art as the line is blurred between reality and fiction. Blacc’s own video for the title track claims to feature Wilfredo Gomez, a not-so-real skater, often times referred to by Ben and Cam, the show’s denim-designing and hustling main characters.

Watch the teaser for the upcoming clip below…

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Steve Powers and A Love Letter For You

April 1, 2010

Care of Megawords Magazine:

In 1984, Steve Powers started climbing rooftops in his neighborhood and painting his alias ESPO as a dues paying member of the ICY Graffiti Club. 25 years later he returned home to Philadelphia in the summer of 2009 to write a love letter across the same rooftops facing the Market-Frankford line. The letter, meant for one, with meaning for all, encompasses 50 walls on a 20 block stretch of market street. Drawing input, inspiration, and work from the community, Powers created a letter to and from west Philly. This unprecedented public art project was a collaboration of Powers, The Mural Arts Program, and the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage. It required 1200 cans of spray paint, 800 gallons of bucket paint, and the skilled hands of 20 of the finest spray painters in America, who Powers put into the legendary ICY club.

“A Love Letter For You – Brick Valentines On The Philly Skyline” documents the art and the neighborhood that inspired this ambitious public art project.

Get the book here

A Love Letter For You from Megawords Magazine on Vimeo.

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