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April 26, 2010

Non-profit and social-based initiative advertising is a funny thing. Sometimes stale and dogmatic, other times obtuse and wordy… It often becomes more important to dictate a primal call and response, rather than to direct an implicit message that leaves little exploration in the mind of the end-receiver.

If these campaigns were akin to coloring books, all too often the emotional currency of an audience would be underestimated when users are not allowed to color between the lines of their own picture. After-all, what good is it to have an inspired and mobilized base, if in the end, you’re not giving folks enough leeway to interpret and apply your organization’s core philosophy?

The latest campaign from the World Wildlife Fund applyies this methodology while also appropriating inspiration as a tool. In a collaboration with Ben Lee and Chicago-based creative agency, Leo Burnett, “Space Monkey” features Lee’s “Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe” and a message that is defined simply by its beauty and sentimentality — All the while eschewing the need to knock everyone on the head with the blah, blah, blah rhetoric that does little to inspire… Or in the end, keep the candle of an organization’s ideals lit for those that choose to hold it.

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Triermgam says:

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paktzhercmc says:

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Dawid says:

Can you please add MP3 vernioss of the show? It seems you’ve used the most awkward player that no media downloader can pick up (so I can’t download the video and convert it to MP3)

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