Borrowed Notions (with thanks to Roman & Williams)

April 7, 2010

Much of the way I interpret the world has always been related to non-linear events and random points of unintentional inspiration. Our creative and web team have been driven mad on more than one occasion when I’ve put these conceptual asides on the table; specifically the ways in which I want our audience to feel when visiting one of our publications.

As of late, I’ve developed an obsession with the New York architecture firm of Roman & Williams and in this instance, I thought it might be fun to let cat out of the bag live (Zappe and Garza will be reading this at the same time as you… One of the joys of a live creative build).

Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer, the pair behind B&W, strive to create spaces in which an experience can not only be cultivated, but also burned into the memory of the end user… In this instance, the public or residents that frequent their crafted hotels, restaurants and homes.

The duo has set my mind afire with their take on lived-in structures and much of it holds court with what I’d hope we do for our own audience when we release RootSpeak. To the credit of what Tim and Dan have already crafted, we’re nearly there. Hopefully this will provide a bit of inferred insight though into what others have done when melding traditional method with modern application; thereby creating a space that is at once paying homage to what has come before, while also crafting a new inspired experience for those who, in the end, come to take notice.


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